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Italian Wood Fired Ovens

POSTED ON October 1st  - POSTED IN Poppy's Blog


If you’ve ever considered an Italian wood fired oven then this article will line you up with a product that is made in the U.S. but keeps the science of Italian ovens intact.  As you know, the backbone of Poppy’s is the various forms of wood that we use to keep the oven hot while delivering a unique taste in our food, delivered by our Las Vegas Food Trucks.

Poppy the Pizza Guy

Read the article and let us know what you think when it comes to wood fired stoves.

We’d love to hear about your wood fired recipes you’d like to see us try.


Italian Made Fontana Forni Outdoor Ovens Now Available in USA (via SBWire)

Florence, SC — (SBWIRE) — 01/10/2013 — In a world where aggressive marketing has made successes out of selling ideas over products, it can be refreshing to find something that proves successful because of its authenticity as a product of superior…

Wild Fest – Las Vegas 2013

POSTED ON September 25th  - POSTED IN Poppy's Blog


Well Las Vegas, we have conquered yet another event and boy it was it fun.  Operating with full transparency to the public and with my peers in the industry I have to say our end result were moderate.  We were able cover our cost, pay our help and walk away with what I consider a decent amount of profit.  But with that said, one of the food trucks from Las Vegas destroyed it.  (Meaning did well)  And that was our friends to the left MAMA ITA’S ROASTED CORN who provided the public with great tasting corn and funnel cake.  Great work guys.

Besides the excellent competition, it was great to work with the Poppy the Pizza Guy’s Family again.  Every event I learn something about the culture of the mobile truck industry and the business as a whole.  But something that never changes is Family.

And one family that seems to be growing in the Food Truck industry is up and coming Association.  RED DRAGON was at the Monday meeting earlier this week sharing their vision on what a united Food Truck Association would look like.  And something great that came out of the meeting is that the founders decided to do is NOT CHARGE ANY DUES for at least 3 months.  They have heard our colleagues  concerns and have modified the plan. Being on the ground at that meeting I can truly attest that things are being done correctly and will benefit everyone involved.

Until next time keep your life saucy and your belly full.


Why Las Vegas Food Trucks

POSTED ON August 29th  - POSTED IN Poppy's Blog

Best Food Trucks in Las Vegas

Most of the people in United States love food trucks. The best cuisine in the country can be purchased from these trucks at an affordable price. Therefore, there is a huge demand for them in every corner of the country. This applies for Las Vegas food trucks as well. The food trucks in Las Vegas can provide you with a dish of scrumptious food at a competitive price. This is one of the best methods available for the people to enjoy the cultural food in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas food trucks are a great alternative to the traditional restaurants. The restaurants are built on bricks and you cannot move them from one place to another. However, you can take the maximum advantage of the mobility of food trucks and move them from one place to another to enhance sales.

The maintenance and infrastructure needs are dramatically low in food trucks and it consumes a less space. Therefore, you can usually find Las Vegas food trucks in curbside placed during the working hours and it parking lots during the other time periods. They energy consumption of food trucks are low, since they require less lights and other necessities. Therefore, the food truck owners can offer delicious food to you at an affordable price. When you visit a restaurant, you need to pay for these additional expenses as well through the food you buy. This is one of the prominent reasons why people in Las Vegas prefer to visit food trucks.

The quality of food offered from Las Vegas food trucks has impressed people and it has played an important role behind their popularity.  A variety of food types are there for your convenience and you can select the best cuisine that blends well with your taste requirements. People in Las Vegas have a busy life schedule and they do not have enough time to visit a restaurant and have their meals. Therefore, they prefer to go for a food truck and enjoy the quick and efficient service.

Fresh food is offered to all the customers from Las Vegas food trucks and they can definitely satisfy your taste buds. A large number of food trucks that belong to several companies can be found in the roads of Las Vegas and you can simply approach them to experience all the above mentioned benefits. Tomorrow’s fate is unknown and food trucks are making a revolution that will sooner be absorbed by the people all across the globe.

Las Vegas Food Trucks

POSTED ON August 28th  - POSTED IN Poppy's Blog

Everybody likes Ice Cream Trucks, but have you ever thought how great it would be if you could get your favorite pizza from a mobile truck? Thanks to Las Vegas Food Trucks this is finally possible with great creativity of Poppy’s pizza.

Las Vegas Food Trucks by Poppy’s pizza

Poppy’s Pizza is known for the best wood fired pizza in Las Vegas. Poppy’s pizza is incredible tasty but also baked with love because the team Poppy is made of three brothers: Matt, Nick and Iggy. This creative and artistic team got an idea that not a lot of people are ready to turn into reality, they wanted to have their own Las Vegas Food Trucks. Don’t be fooled, this is not just any food truck. Their well-known pizza will still be baked on wood giving the pizza wonderful, fresh taste.

What to get in Las Vegas Food Trucks?

Even though we have said that these trucks will be owned by Poppy’s pizza, don’t think that you will only get pizza in these trucks. Las Vegas Food Trucks will have everything you want to eat: from pizza and sub sandwiches all the way to breakfast food. There is no limitation; everything from the Poppy’s pizza menu will be available for you at the Las Vegas Food Trucks. Even if you get thirsty, Poppy’s pizza is thinking about you. At their trucks you will get ice tea, iced coffee, lemonade and water. So when you are done eating your favorite pizza, you will have what to drink.

Seems like this is the most comfortable way of buying your favorite food wherever you are. These guys are ready to give their best in order for you to have the best pizza you have ever tried. Always fresh and incredible tasty, food you get from these food trucks will beat everything else you have bought on the street. After all, pizza was originally made and sold on the streets of Italy. Now, it is your turn to try the best pizza in Las Vegas prepared by Wagner brothers straight from Las Vegas Food Trucks.

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